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I'm Meredith, a Chicago-based digital marketer. I use data-driven growth marketing to help start-ups and small businesses reach their goals. Email me to say hi or set up a meeting!


Growth Marketing

A thorough growth process combines product and marketing for a holistic approach to growth. In this mindset, you must be a generalist, ready to run tests across the entire user funnel. Growth is a series of small wins, not a silver bullet or "hack." It's the ideal marketing framework for high-growth start-ups.

Content Marketing

As someone both creative and analytical, content marketing is one of my favorite growth tactics. I combine SEO, visual aesthetics, thought-provoking editorial content, and additional creative resources when needed. It’s the ideal path to customer-focused brand awareness. 

Business Development & Sales

I provide a data-driven sales strategy for everything from early stage product validation, to revenue stream expansion. I use technology to generate high quality leads and market research to inform messaging and cadence. 

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"She has a strong sense of mission and values, and her integrity is top notch. A huge asset for any team."

- Sean Johnson, Kellogg Professor, Partner @ Digital Intent