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I'm Meredith, a Chicago-based growth marketing consultant. I use product and digital marketing to help start-ups and digital businesses reach their goals. Email me to say hi or set up a meeting!


Growth Marketing

Growth marketing works across both product and digital marketing for a more holistic approach. Growth is usually a series of small wins, not a silver bullet or "hack." It's the ideal framework for high-growth start-ups.

Product Marketing & Go-to-market Strategy

I work closely with product, sales, and marketing teams on bringing new products or services to market, including positioning and pricing strategy. I also work on bottom of funnel growth with existing products — improving engagement and retention with product marketing.

Growth Design

Growth design sits at the intersection of design thinking and growth—creating models for growth with an emphasis on user experience, product thinking, and empathy.

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"She has a strong sense of mission and values, and her integrity is top notch. A huge asset for any team."

- Sean Johnson, Kellogg Professor, Partner @ Digital Intent